Do you have a shoebox full of receipts that you just never seem to get around to? Are you confused about your statutory filing responsibilities? Spending more time on paperwork and less time actually running your business? If any of this sounds familiar, your small business needs Cynthia Garner and Associates. We offer services in:

  • Complete bookkeeping and tax servicefree quote
  • 15 years professional experience
  • Service tailored to your needs and budget
  • Evening and weekend appointments available

At Cynthia Garner and Associates we strive to provide a cost effective bookkeeping solution for your small business so you can focus on what really matters-- actually running your business!Incorrect or out of date books can result in costly decisions and serious consequences with Revenue Canada.  Don't waste time or money by filing late or falling behind.  Hiring a professional bookkeeper will assist you with staying on track while maximizing your bottom line.

Successful entrepreneurs know that accurate, timely financial information is the cornerstone to making sound decisions today and for the future.  Allow Cynthia Garner and Associates to assist you in realizing your goals an making you business success a reality!